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Anal bleaching

There are a few beauty salons in Las Vegas that now offer the appealing service of bleaching a persons butt hole back to it's fresh youthful color. Anal bleaching.
There are certainly some girls that Tatiana has worked with in the past and presently that are in need this procedure. Tatiana is planning on putting up an ad about anal bleaching at Sapphire so maybe some of the dancers feel inspired to go and get it done.
If a girl insists on doing the face down, ass up doggy style position on stage while clad only in a very small g string and she has a really dark butt hole area that shines in everybody's face, she needs to go and get it bleached! If the color off the butt hole doesn't match up too well with the rest of the skin it just looks gross and weird Tatiana thinks. Or just don't do the doggy on stage, spare your fellow human beings the sight of your butt hole. Cover up, wear larger panties, something!
Tatiana even had the pleasure of once working with a girl that would do the doggy and she had a big, juicy hemorrhoid hanging out of her ass. VERY NICE! That was just so funny to watch. Tatiana thinks back at this with pleasure.
Yes, Tatiana has worked with more than a handful totally clueless girls but there will be more blogs about that. Stay tuned!


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Rodney on :

That is some funny shit!

very funny shit on :

Hahaha very funny shit

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