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Arrived.........finally........after three different airplanes and the longest wait ever in Anchorage for a connecting flight. Phew!
Got to see the sunset. Lucky! It's flat here, no snow, chilly.........fields of hay bales.

Here are some more clues.....

But that is all I am revealing for now.
Sitting at Starbucks. Found a new fave food place, Pita Pit - soooooo good!
I am in a city, there are actual streets with rows of houses and big leafy trees lining the streets, not like Kenai.
After I am done at Starbucks I am going to drive around a little and explore. There must be some fun malls here!


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Mr.B on :

Looks like south of ND and west of MN and north of NE so I think she is in SD. I think she prob'ly rode in a plane with propellers or a CRJ as their aren't many big towns out there with big jet service.
If you drive through Winner get a pic with the world's largest pheasant! And good hunting! There is alot of money in the tourists this time of year!

Tatiana on :

Looks like somebody put their thinking cap on......

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