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Have you ever seen an unboxing video? It usually involves some Youtuber or Instagram girl either unpacking an expensive purse while oooh-ing and aaah-ing and trying to look sexy at the same time. The more expensive the purse the better so you can brag about it, in a subtle way of course. Or it involves the unboxing of a high tech product. What that would be I don't know, perhaps an Osé would work? Anyhow.....I am presenting to you my own unboxing pictures (not a video).
Oh look....I got a package, a BIG package! What could it be? How exciting!

Let's peek inside....can you guess what it might be?

Look! A foot massage machine! Guess who is a very happy girl!? :-)
Oh.....and the nail polish at the end of my big toe toenails is what’s left of the last pedicure I had, at the beginning of March. I have been too lazy to put on nail polish plus it is good to let the nails rest from chemicals.

Best unboxing item ever! I highly recommend getting a foot massager. Way more useful than a Chanel bag.


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