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Party In Portland

Since I haven't been to the Justice Center area downtown Portland for a while, since the night of July 4th exactly (wow these last couple of weeks flew by) I decided it was time to go and see what's new down there. I mean even the mayor (Ted Wheeler) supposedly got teargassed the other night and I definitely do not want to miss out on any excitement. And exiting it was ! It was a party in Portland.....if this continues and from the size and looks of it I think it will, I can just get my bike out and pretend it's Burning Man in Portland this year! There is a ton of food if you are hungry, not for me but the majority are not vegetarian (SADLY).

Live music.....which was awesome.

And dancing. This was my favorite place because it was FUN and people were truly enjoying themselves.

So whatever scary stuff you hear about Portland on the news.....ehhhhhh forget about it! I am inviting you to come here and partake in the festivities, I am offering you my services as your personal downtown tour guide. I can't guarantee it but chances are high that you will also see fireworks, hear loud's only mortars being thrown around so nothing to worry about and you might also get a whiff of teargas and hear rubber bullets fly around. When I try to describe Burning Man to people, which is difficult to describe because you have to experience the event to understand all the beautiful and amazing qualities of Burning Man....but when I do try to describe it I usually say that it is like stepping into a Salvador Dali painting. To describe Portland I would say it is like stepping into a movie called "Escape from New York". If you haven't seen that one yet you should.
I have been down to the Justice Center are in Portland several times now and I am still alive and unharmed.


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