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Playa Barbie 2019

This year I didn't see the usual Playa Barbie Black Rock City Edition box that I take my yearly Barbie picture in. By the time I looked at the map and biked over to where it supposedly was placed I couldn't find it. PANIC! Not really more like, "where is my box"? I think I got there too late, this is what happens when you have a lot on your plate while in Black Rock City. Fortunately I found two other Barbie boxes, Barbie Death Camp and another one that played "Barbie Girl" by Aqua when you stepped inside of it.
So.....YES, there is a Playa Barbie 2019 after all. And here she is.....!


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..... on :

Lizards and snakes — perhaps a red tailed hawk,
She walks the desert they call Black Rock.
Maybe seeing more on her bicycle - pink!
She can live her feelings, find her place to think.
Ah, freedom is the best thing to just let run -
Go Black Rock Barbie, have all kinds of fun!
Bring back a stone, a bauble, or Burning Man toy
Bring a photo of you with what the world calls joy.

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