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Destination IKEA

It was destination IKEA today for some comfort food. I spent several hours last night watching Swedish TV and missing Sweden. So the best remedy I could think of was a visit to IKEA. I got the vegetable balls for me and the meatballs for Chhaya. If you present the IKEA family card at the restaurant you get a free coffee with refills (påtår in Swedish).

I ❤ Sweden.

The view from the IKEA parking lot. It was windy today and the temperature dropped.

Chhaya devoured the meatballs.

Tomorrow night the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs on TV, this year it was held in Shanghai. I LOVE the Victoria's Secret fashion show! The girls, the it! I have to watch it. They had the Miss Universe contest here in Vegas the other night, that doesn't interest me at all although when I was a kid I would watch it but now I find it kind of lame. Beauty competitions feel so outdated.....the girls are trying to come off as caring and selfless (yeah right) when they answer the "deep" questions when in the end all that matters is the parading around in a bikini and getting that crown.
Back to the Victoria's Secret models.....I really like Bella Hadid. Her body, long limbs, flat stomach, nice waist. And I like her face. Yes, I know she had surgery on her face but even I that is natural would consider going to Bella's surgeon. The nose and lips are gorgeous. So....should Bella take The Weeknd back? I think they were cute perhaps she should. If he truly realizes what he lost and understands what he had when they were together. Selena and Justin should be a couple, besides Bella is so much prettier than Selena and I suspect more mentally sane. Yes....I sound like a teenager now but I really like Bella.
Oh.....and the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement? I think they make a GREAT couple! They look happy, so congratulations!
What's a month left to my birthday. And I need to go to bed now. Tired.


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