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Destination Vegas

So destination Vegas for a usual I have been very busy since I arrived in town.
Let's see....A spectacular display of colors sunset right past Beatty.....I wish I could had stopped and watched it and taken more and better pics but I was in traffic.

When I woke up the next day I got my latte from Madhouse Coffee and the Las Vegas Weekly to see what's going on in town. Since I got here it's been record heat. 80 degrees at the end of November is hot for Vegas.

Yesterday I met up with my cafe crew and had Thanksgiving with them. Here I am with Emily (the owner) and Stacy (the manager). My girls. I miss them.

Chef Gabi was not with us but she baked a delicious apple pie that I was very happy to gobble down, I sent her this pic thanking her for her talents in the kitchen.

I had one drink and some sparkly wine, so I felt very funny and tipsy. A selfie with some lime made a lot of sense.

And tonight I had dinner with my friend Theresa at Grimaldi's. We both love Margherita pizza so we had one each.

It's getting late and I am taking Chhaya on a walk around the neighborhood. Then sleep.
Busy day tomorrow again.


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Cindy on :

Wonderful beginning for your Las Vegas trip. Looking forward to collaborating!! I love these fun and festive photos! You look so happy ...and not just from the wine!

Tatiana on :

Yes....I am back to my normal self again (finally). Scarred but good.
Looking forward to shooting and seeing you!

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