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Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour Portland

So.....this past Monday I saw Depeche Mode in Portland with Desi. I decided months ago that I WOULD see them this tour, Global Spirit Tour no matter what. Last time I saw them was in Vegas in 2006 when they did Touring the Angel but I have loved this band a long time. ❤️
I was SO excited to finally see DM again. They are so good live, Dave Gahan has the most amazing voice and he is just great.
Do I even have to say it? They put on a great show. I loved it.

Where's the Revolution? Also during Enjoy The Silence they showed different animals on the screen....I liked that.

This man is WOW so many ways.❤️

Sometimes words are not enough....I am so VERY grateful that I was able to see Depeche Mode. ❤️
I feel sad and empty when certain large events in my life are over when they are that's it? Is it really over? NOOOOOOO! But it is over, I have the memories left and of course the music. It was Depeche Mode playing in the car afterwards of course....Hopefully that was not my last Depeche Mode concert.


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