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Welcome To Nevada

Welcome to Nevada.....yes I am in Nevada, took a little trip. It's late and I will sleep soon. My right ear and the right side of my throat hurt when I swallow. I drove through a small town called Denio. It's on the border of Oregon and Nevada, the Nevada side. People live there (in Denio), I don't know what they do there but people live in all kinds of places. I guess I could live isolated far away from everything if I lived on a very large farm/ranch of some sort with many animals that I could occupy myself with. And internet. And a twice yearly trip to NYC and some other big city to break up the farm life. If no animals and internet I would have to escape. Now it's sleep time......I have not reached my destination yet. Continuing the journey tomorrow.

Turkish Coffee

Sunday today.....woke up a bit too early. Fell back asleep again with Chhaya cuddled up close to me. I loooove sleeping together with her.
Then I went and got a latte of course, read up on the latest news and met Desi at the gym so we could move around bit and not be stagnant. I really wasn't in the mood to move anything today so I had to really force myself and I felt cranky about doing cardio for a few minutes but afterwards I was happy that I did drag myself to the gym.
Then I did errands and got food. Normal Sunday stuff. Decided to try an ice cream called Turkish Coffee. Very coffee tasting.

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? And 2018? 2017 is coming to an end.

Comfort Food

I got up early today, it was still dark out. When I got breakfast the sun was out and the window was slowly thawing up at the place I got my poached egg croissant from.....still no snow outside though.

Returned home, ate my breakfast in bed and went back to sleep. When I woke up it was after 2 and I had anxiety. Not because it was after 2, just because and why I don't know. I felt uneasy for several hours, it is just a gnawing feeling inside.....difficult to describe. I figured I needed comfort food today so dinner consisted of soup and mashed potatoes with gravy. Now it is early evening and dark out. I feel a bit better. I think. Still not feeling like my normal self. I hope tomorrow will be better. I am going to the gym tomorrow and doing a bunch of errands, that will keep me busy.

Here It Is

My intention was to write this blog months ago.....but I didn't because of bla bla bla (excuses, lazy, procrastination etc), so here it is. No more excuses and I am not doing anything tonight anyways. 11 pm is approaching, Chhaya is sleeping and I will be up for at least three more hours. And before I get lost in music videos and it is.
So back in March of this year I was working as a barista at a cafe in Vegas. One day I took my coworkers to China Ranch and the mud baths in Tecopa. A great adventure to take people on. And a few days after that I returned with my friend Diane. Everybody loved it - of course.
I am a great tour guide.
Here are the pics. I have several blogs about China Ranch and Tecopa mud baths.
Both located in California.
When I went with my cafe crew it was six of us. It takes about 2 hours or so to drive to China Ranch from Vegas. So if you want to do this day trip, follow my directions to get the most out of it if you only have a day.
Start with going to China Ranch so you can see the place in the daytime, go on a hike (I do the Slot Canyon hike), visit the gift shop, perhaps eat any food that you bring with you or have a date shake from the gift shop, that I believe closes at 5 pm.

After China Ranch you can stop at Death Valley Brewing in Tecopa for a bite to eat and/or a beer. They have a large selection on tap. Make sure to check that they are open first.

Then you can head for the mud baths right outside Tecopa. I like to catch the sunset there.
In our group of six only Stacy joined me in the muddy warm water, yes it was cold and windy but so what. Stacy is from Australia so she is not afraid of anything. My kind of girl.

After the mud baths it is nice and also good idea to rinse off and soak in a hot spring, so drive back to Tecopa and go to Delight's Hot Springs Resort. They have four indoor pools, one of them has an open roof and you can stargaze. I recommend that. There is also an outside area that is very peaceful and's nice to sit there and cool off in between soaking in the pools.

This is a great road trip adventure. Only smiles and good memories afterwards.


There is a sex doll brothel in Germany, owned and operated by a woman.
The most popular girl/doll, the star of the team is Anna, a petite blonde. In fact the first Anna was so popular that she broke and they now have Anna 2. I think this is a great idea. No real women get hurt, used and abused. Perhaps I should invest my money into a sex doll brothel? And be the stern Madam.
The debate about prostitution is ongoing. They are now talking about legalizing prostitution in California, as most people know it is legal in Nevada and that's one of the 50 US states. Although it happens everywhere, legal or not.
Quote from a Judge named Carlos Bea that I assume is in California, "Why should it be illegal to sell something that it’s legal to give away?”
Sure, that can be debated. Plenty of women have sex with their significant other just to keep the household calm and have a roof over their head, is that prostitution too?
I have read quite a bit about prostitution and people's opinions about it.
Read interviews with women that have been in the business, because they if anyone know. I find the story about Louise and Martine Fokkens fascinating. Twins that worked in the Amsterdam brothels for five decades until they were 70 years old.
I still stick to my personal belief that the age for any work in the adult industry should be upped to 23, yes even stripping. Anything under 23 is too young I think. Studies say that the human brain is still developing until 25....I feel that some people are too immature and do not understand what they are getting themselves into while still in their teens. A 19 year old might regret some choices later on. When you are 23 you know yourself better (hopefully) and can make more informed and thoughtout decisions and have enough backbone to be able to say NO when uncomfortable. We make mistakes throughout our lives, even as adults but when it comes to participating in porn or prostitution I feel that there is a greater chance of damaging yourself and deeply regretting certain actions.
Upping the age might eliminate some of that.
Here is the article about the sex doll brothel in Germany.

Of course human trafficking and pimping is NEVER OK.
And speaking of brothels…..actually, I don’t think the term brothel is appropriate for these kinds of activities. Illegal torture is more fitting. There are animal brothels in Europe and other places. But come on, Western Europe? This really makes me angry. It’s sad. It’s horrible. It should be illegal and punishable.
Some people think that zoophilia is a lifestyle choice…..really? I feel those people should get mandatory castration. I would love to castrate them myself.

I feel that animal abuse and yes, sex with defenseless animals IS animal abuse, should be classified and punishable as a top tier felony. Supposedly it is in the US according to the FBI but when it comes down to it I don’t think animal abuse is getting taken as seriously as it should.

Pensive & Falco

I have been thinking a LOT the last couple of days.....more pensive than usual. Thinking about this journey called life. Last night I had chills and very bad stomach cramps so I went to bed early and tried to warm up and feel better. And today I am feeling back to normal.
Chhaya is not feeling well either. She started limping yesterday, I am not sure why. Hopefully it is something temporary and she will be back to her normal self soon.
Me in bed feeling cold and achy. And a bit melancholic.

I have spent the last few days obsessing over Falco. The singer from Austria that had some hits in the 80s. He passed away in 1998 due to injuries from a car accident. Only 40 years old. HOW SAD! I remember his songs and I loved many of them.
I LOVE 80s music in general.....perhaps I need to do something useful with my love for it. So I have been watching Falco music videos and documentaries about him.
I watched an hour long documentary in German with no subtitles last night and my German is definitely rusty. I studied that language for three years and I thought I remembered more than I obviously do. Anyhow. Falco was a very talented musician. And a very good looking man. It has been so interesting to find out more about him. I can get lost for hours and hours every night watching music videos and immersing myself into the lyrics and finding out more about the person/s behind the music.
I remember really liking his Jeanny songs (part 1 and 2) and Der Kommissar......his songs are still good. Isn't this journey we call life so strange? One day you can have so much only to have it all taken away from you the next. That song Jeanny has been stuck in my head for three days now, it's not going away, it is on repeat. But I love it. It's a sad song but very beautiful.
I am going to continue watching Falco stuff now and drink tea.
Falco - Du bist nicht vergessen. ♥ ♥ ♥

Jeanny, quit livin' on dreams
Jeanny, life is not what it seems
Such a lonely little girl in a cold, cold world
There's someone who needs you
Jeanny, quit livin' on dreams
Jeanny, life is not what it seems
You're lost in the night
Don't wanna struggle and fight
There's someone who needs you

Night Owl

It's past the midnight hour in my neck of the woods.....I am a night owl, always been.
I am drinking tea, reading and doing laundry right now. And thinking....
So....all these shootings. What if.....what if it is the Rapture? All those people going straight to God? Could it be? I don't know. I heard debating on Coast to Coast AM about Mind Control in connection to the mass shootings. We can discuss back and forth and look for motives. The weapons in the US are here to stay, very few people will give up their guns/rifles/artillery/ammunition and whatever else they have. Plus "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I personally like the idea of the people having the right to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. If in reality it is even possible can be debated but at least you stand a chance. For a minute. If something that was adopted in 1791 has the same meaning now that it had then while looking at the bigger picture with all the developments since then and today's society can be discussed.
I feel that some of these shooters are fame chasers and I don't think so much importance should be put on them. It's turning into a spectacle, people wanting to have the largest mass shooting under their belt. The public and media looking into the perpetrators life and detailing everything.
In general people are desensitized, this is what happens when we get more and more separated from each other through our devices. Lives don't matter that much anymore it seems. Likes matter instead.
I know one thing. I wish more emphasis would be put on the connection between animal abuse and unhinged human beings. There needs to be harsher penalties for animal abuse.

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ― Immanuel Kant

Perhaps I should say something about the #MeToo movement. I think it's great in general. People should be made aware and it should be brought up. What does bother me is that somebody would wait until they got what they wanted.....fame, movie roles, money etc before speaking up (I am talking about the whole Hollywood mess here). I have a bit of a difficult time with that...There is something called integrity. I like the way Caitania Tan handled it.
Plus I think it's hypocritical to yell about the way Donald Trump supposedly socialized with women and his (according to some) opinions about women but be quiet (until now) about powerful figures in the movie business because you need something. Somewhat of a similar situation last year with Hollywood types being all shocked over Trump's old "grab them by the pussy" line but Bill Clinton's womanizing was barely mentioned. Why?
Reality IS that the large majority of rapes are committed by men. Yes....yes....supposedly there are guys that get raped by women and there are also domestic violence situations where women beat men. But the vast MAJORITY are committed by men. FACT. If the numbers for men raping, beating and murdering women were as low as women raping, beating and murdering men we would have low numbers in those crime categories.
One more thing that is interesting to me. Around this time last year Sherri Papini, the married with two kids lady disappeard for weeks. I remember that. Now there are some reports out that the details are not adding up. Of course I hope that she is telling the truth and that whomever did this to her gets put away so they can't hurt anybody else. BUT IF Sherri is making this up (lying about rape, abduction and abuse is NEVER OK) then my imagination/theory is that she was tired of her hubby and everything that married life with kids meant to her. She wanted some 50 Shades of Grey action in her own life. Then she needed a story to why she disappeared so she could come back to her family. Have you ever watched Dateline? There are some weird people out there doing strange things. Things are not always they way they look on the surface. 50 Shades of Grey is extremely popular with some women, I don't get it personally but I think the women who have been morally good girls on the outside are drawn to stuff like that. If you been living a sheltered and suppressed life meeting a Mr. Grey might seem exciting. Not for me. Yuck. I would do the beating if anything.
I actually know of a few examples of "good little housewives" that did some stuff I would never do (hello Kenai Peninsula AK).....LOL. But then those are the same kind of people that have no problems talking trash and pointing fingers at others (to divert attention from themselves). I got some stories to tell.....just wait.

Layer Of Snow

I woke up to a layer of snow outside. Time to dig out warmer clothes and shoes.....The snow melted already but winter is just around the corner. It was Daylight Savings Time today.....I think that practice should retire already. Times have changed since that made sense.
I didn't do much....actually a regular Sunday for me. Met a friend for coffee, took Chhaya for a walk, had plans to go to the gym but both me and Desi decided not to go, did errands, got home and ate (so full now), now I am about to make dinner for Chhaya (steak and boiled carrots) then take her out for another walk. I feel tired.
Like I could go bed and fall asleep. And it's not even 6 pm.
Heard about the shooting at the church in Texas. I don't know what to say anymore, this is becoming an weekly epidemic. They were searching for a motive in last month's Vegas massacre. Look, there doesn't need to be a clear motive all the time, not everybody kills innocent random people in the name of Allah. Some people are just mentally unstable and should not have access to weapons. I can think of somebody that I used to know that owns plenty of weapons and ammunition (kind of like the Vegas shooter, ballpark that amount) who showed sings of grandiose self importance and borderline insanity, especially when alcohol was involved. I am glad I am not around that person anymore. Not my circus, not my monkey (anymore).
So you never know. There are a lot of crazies in this country. Crazies should not be around weapons.

Mushroom Girls

When you find cute mushrooms you take pictures with them. Me & Desi came across a bunch of these Fly Agaric (?) mushrooms at The Grotto in Portland.


Please note that no mushrooms were hurt. The mushroom used in the pics was already uprooted. Not by us. Respect nature.

Tea Buzz

Today me and some friends went to a place called Tea Buzz Global Tea bar, I have been here before....I wrote about it last month. Here we are all five of us, not in the picture is Joanna the tea master expert herself. Thank You Joanna for today's amazing experience!

We did a Tea Tasting Flight....that means you get to taste several teas. Since I like black tea I did a black tea Flight. My teas were a Darjeeling, a Malty Assam and a Wild Black.

But we also had other everybody's palate could be satisfied.

The lea leaves in this tea have been inside a lotus flower!

I wore my White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) necklace for today's tea ceremony.

This is the Darjeeling, this tea comes from India. Note the beautiful cup.

This tea came with little snifters that we inhaled the tea aroma from before tasting the tea.

The Malty Assam.

The Wild Black.....this tea comes from the Old Growth Tea Forest in Vietnam. Note the cup again.

If you would like a cup of delicious tea or perhaps sit for longer and enjoy a Tea Tasting can find some more information here. And you can also stop in and purchase tea to take home with you. or

Part of the outside, also pretty.

What a LOVELY afternoon I had!
Now I am thinking I will read a bit about the history of tea to brush up and add to my knowledge on this fascinating topic.
But before I go.....some quotes about tea!

Eisai, How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea - "Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one's life more full and complete."

Kazukō Okakura, The Book of Tea - "Tea ... is a religion of the art of life.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground - "I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”