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Here I am in bed watching TV. I am watching The Blacklist , I am intrigued by one of the main characters, Raymond Reddington, I love how he says "I'm a criminal." He is also rather SEKSI. In a Putin kind of way. My kind of man!
So I have some stories about some of the girls I work with and their hustle. To me a hustler has a negative ring to it. When I think of a hustler I think of a manipulative person, somebody conniving that preys on perhaps somebody weaker. I am definitely NOT a hustler.
Let's start with FUGLY, shall we? FUGLY preys on the lonely, desperate and very foolish men in this town. She tells them all that they are her boyfriend. She must have a ton of boyfriends! One guy told a friend of mine that him and FUGLY are dating. She almost choked on her coffee when she heard this. The guy does come into the club once in a while, he is a rather odd person with some missing front teeth and likes to get intoxicated and acts rather annoying. I think he is fairly well off and FUGLY has a knack for sniffing this out, therefore she is now in a "relationship" with him. Awwwwwww! How romantic!
Then we have FUGLY's sidekick that I call The Bulldog because she actually resembles this dog breed. The Bulldog and FUGLY operate in the same ways. They are both very conniving.
I found out that The Bulldog recently lead on an older man, she slept with him, although she is married with children. She makes a great wife! The older man is convinced that The Bulldog loves him because she sends him romantic text messages saying that she wants to lay by his side as his wife. How do I know this? Well, some other girl knows this older man and he confided this information to her. FUGLY and The Bulldog do work outside of the club according to several people. SEXY TIME! Some of their "boyfriends" might be gullible enough to be satisfied with the occasional romantic text message but others are a bit smarter than that and will only keep on opening up their wallets once they get some form of sex.
Then we have a third girl that started dancing not too long ago. So let's call her The Novice. You would never know by looking at her, she comes off as a seasoned pro. One of the first things she told me was that she has been thinking about working in a brothel and what did I think about that and would I like to come with her? I told her that if she is thinking about going down that avenue, working in a brothel might be the best and safest way to go. As far as me going there with her for a couple of weeks of "fun" eeehhhh, rather torture.....not my cup of tea. But at least she is honest about it. And I respect that. Not like some girls that pretend to be so goody goody and then you find out that they really are doing all kinds of questionable things. I don't have anything against The Novice, she is rather pleasant.
But somebody recently asked me about her, because The Novice got involved with.....guess what, a very nice but lonely and fairly well off local guy. And the person asking me about The Novice was concerned that her friend (the nice guy) was getting taken for a ride. And he was.
The Novice recently moved into a nice place with expensive rent that the nice guy paid for. She got to drive his nice truck. But he would never be invited to her place, she wanted her privacy although they were in a relationship. She told him that she would work until late almost every night, later than the club is open. There was even talks about him buying her a nice house until he wizened up and completely cut her off. So no more truck and no more rent assistance until the next guy comes around.
I don't know whether to feel sorry for these guys or laugh at them? I don't like when people take advantage of somebody, it is just not right. If somebody wants to give something to you just because then fine.....but don't lie, manipulate and lead somebody on. And it's not only strippers doing this to lonely guys. Men do it to women, people pray on the elderly. There are all kinds of scam artists out there.
But guys, REALLY! Come on! If your "girlfriend" constantly demands money from you, mainly communicates through text messages and you never been to where she lives....then something is not right. Wake up and smell the coffee or stay in the situation and be a sucker. Some people are OK with this, like a sugar daddy style situation and if that is how it is then fine, be happy. One more thing, if you only see your "girlfriend" in the strip club while she works and your only interaction with her involves many lap dances that you pay for, then that is not your girlfriend. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is the reality. Well, it's time for a cup of tea. Good Night!

I'm a criminal!


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