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I had a great Sunday. I'm in bed, belly full of food, feeling kind of tired. Last night I told Sharon (the bartender at work) that I would most likely work tonight but I fell asleep around 7 pm and when I woke up an hour later it was dark outside and my bed is warm and comfy so I am staying in.
So every day when you read or hear the news you find out about bad stuff. There are some nasty people out there. More rapes in India, the latest three young girls, sisters raped and murdered. More priests raping boys. Some man in Ohio played the part of the loving and concerned adult, taking in three boys as foster children and ended up raping all three. Even let a few friends in on the "fun". He was in the process of adopting a few more kids. Just lovely. When I read that I got really upset. I get very emotional when I read about innocent children and animals that get hurt. To me, there is only one good solution. One bullet in the head. Sounds harsh? Perhaps. But I don't want trash like that taking up space and sharing the air I breathe with me. I have no excuses for filth like that. Taking in children, pretending to be caring and concerned only so you can torture them and destroy their soul? Abusing animals. Raping women. Just take the perpetrator out with a bullet. Why spend money on keeping them alive in some prison? They are no good for society anymore.
When I raise my hand my dog does not cower, she is expecting me to pet her or throw her toy somewhere so she can play. How an adult can beat an animal is incomprehensible. Only a twisted coward does that. Only a seriously sick individual rapes children and women. AND what about the women that gave up their children, got them taken away due to being unfit parents. How about you THINK before you decide to become pregnant and give birth to a child that you obviously were not prepared to provide for in any way. Having kids should NOT be any idiots right, it should be a privilege. Some people truly disgust me.


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RenegadeX on :

Agree 100%

A bullet is inexpensive & quick!

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