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Swedish Summer

I am up early today......sitting around thinking about Sweden. The best time to be there is the summer time, I love summer in Stockholm.
My dream living arrangement is to live somewhere (nice) where I will settle, spend about four to six weeks in Stockholm in the summer time and about two consecutive months in New York City each year to get my big city fix. And take a few other vacation related trips throughout the year.
I miss going to cafe's in Stockholm for delicious latte's and sweets. And of course I miss my friends......


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Kaykay on :

How come you choose not to live in Sweden?

Tatiana on :

At this point I have too many ties in the US, I have Chhaya and a mortgage. When I first came to the US I though I would just be here for a couple of years but time goes fast and I am kind of settled here now. But I might live in Sweden again in the future.

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